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Our services

At United Management Services, we are able to advise you at all levels, and to accompany you in the daily management of your accounting and company finances.

UMS takes care of all management and administrative mandates, the exercise of the auditor's function, the acquisition of shares in other companies with similar or complementary activities or the opening of branches.


Our specialized services consist of:


Set-up and management of companies

The set-up or constitution of a company is an act by which a natural or legal person creates a legal entity (legal person) distinct from its partner(s).

UMS offers customers a proven experience and a personalised assistance in the creation of any company. This translates in an continuous support and complete management of the company’s creation process.

From the constitution of the company and on an ongoing basis, UMS supports and guides the client in the implementation of management facilitating decision-making thus contributing to the proper functioning of the company.

Company takeovers

Acquisition or continuation of a company

This approach consists in taking over the management of an existing company. 

Whether it is the employee who wishes to continue his professional activity within a company put on sale, the desire to run its own company, the perspective of associating the services of a competing company, the acquisition of a company in financial difficulties or for any other reason, UMS assists you in the analysis and assessment of the viability of the project.

Accounting and annual accounts

Bookkeeping and preparation of annual accounts

The service consists in the recording of all supporting documents for the operations and transactions carried out by a company in order to compile a summary document reflecting its assets and profitability.

UMS takes care of the accounting set up and bookkeeping . This is materialised by the management and recordkeeping of all documents related to the company’s operations up to the preparation of its annual accounts.

Tax reporting

Tax and VAT returns

Whether for a company, a self-employed person or a private individual, UMS takes care of the preparation of income, commercial and wealth tax returns.

UMS also carries out all VAT declaration such as VAT registration, the preparation of periodic and annual VAT declarations and the declaration of cessation of activity subject to VAT.

Salary and social security related services

Pay slips and social security declarations

UMS takes care of all administrative formalities related to the personnel employed by the company’s, the business manager itself or a private person. This means that UMS takes care of all the formalities to be carried out with the social security authorities, the monthly calculation of salaries and any service directly or indirectly related to this.


Tax advice

UMS provides advice and guidance on tax matters, assists professional and private taxpayers in finding the most favorable tax option in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force.

UMS also offers a personalised service including the analysis of the individual situation of any taxpayer and the identification of possible tax implications.

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